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Executive English Training

TJ Taylor language training can help you analyse the language skills your executives and managers require, advise on the best methods to provide training and support, and through effective and tailored English communication training we enable you to achieve your business objectives.

Our corporate focus, the experience and professionalism of our trainers, and a commitment to clear results and the real-world application of every training project mean that we always customise the course objectives, content and structure according to your priorities.

TJ Taylor always design the course to fit the needs of the participant. We do not ask the participant to fit the course.

We maintain a focus on the individual and their communication needs while linking training to your business requirements, delivering a stronger return on investment in terms of human capital development, quality, productivity and talent retention.

Our language training services cover:

  • Business English language training
  • Auditing of English skills and competencies
  • Intensive off-site language courses
  • On-demand 'English helpdesk' support
  • Assessment, TNA and ROI studies
  • Programme development and course design